Sky Spirals Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of human-made interventions on nature from an art and science perspective. The Sky Spirals Institute aims to establish theories and methodologies of architecture as place-making and based on ecological awareness, including design and creation of interventions on different natural habitats as public art projects. Our research efforts focus on the observation and recording of celestial events as they relate to a designed landscape: the creation of a place becomes defined by the integration of local and remote space. A mathematical theory of the universe is explored by virtual and built interventions in the landscape, unified by the spiral shape. The landscape evolves as a geometric time-based configuration, promoting production of knowledge by the interconnectedness between human-made interventions and natural transformation due to gravitational forces (rotation of the earth around the sun), geological and meteorological systems. The work was inspired by indigenous and ancient cultures whose relations with the solar and celestial events defined the creation of places. In times of climate change caused by disconnection with the natural world, this search for interconnectedness promotes transformation starting with individual awareness at local places to expand to a global outreach in remote locations.

The Sky Spirals Institute was founded by designer, research artist and scholar Daniela Bertol and gathers the work of architects, artists, futurists, musicians, scientists and writers, collaborating in the vision of a unified approach to knowledge. Our mission is:

  • To establish theories and methodologies of human-made transformations of the natural environment as place-making, based on astronomical observations and ecological awareness and bringing a scientific approach to the ancient and indigenous wisdom of archeoastronomy.
  • To foster creativity and mindfulness by experiencing art interventions on the natural landscape.
  • To promote neuroscientific studies on the beneficial effect of art-in-nature, expanding the already established therapeutic protocols of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) within artistic explorations.
  • To develop S.U.N.F.A.R.M. as the first site to apply and experience the theoretical explorations of the Sky Spiral Institute.
  • To bridge remote and local places through contemporary technologies including augmented reality and videoconferencing.
  • To promote publications and educational programs based on interdisciplinary approaches to production of knowledge, including experiential site and remote visits of S.U.N.F.A.R.M. workshops, performances, walking meditations.