The Archimatics web site presents a summary of geometric forms relating to nature. Archimatics is the geometric interpretation of the Sky Spirals theories about "wholistic" approach to knowledge, deriving from a unified theory of existence.
The experience of the environment as an interconnected whole brings insights and understanding about the presence of geometric law underlying the complexity of nature. As part of this interpretation architecture is engaged in consciously making a place where one may dwell in harmony with nature on Earth, and with the universe.
The Italian Renaissance as one of the most remarkable examples in human civilization where science, mathematics, art and architecture where integrated in the development of theory and practice: the work of Leonardo da Vinci provide the most remarkable examples of drawings as a tool to develop scientific theories.
The work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Haeckel and D’Arcy Thompson continued the search for integrated models in science.
Contemporary digital models offer the unique opportunity to explore geometry with unprecendented methodology bringing closer the connection between geometry and nature.

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