Sky Spirals is a not-for-profit organization (in process of incorporation) dedicated to the exploration of man-made interventions on nature from an art and science perspective. Sky Spirals aims to establish theories and methodologies of architecture as place-making and based on ecological awareness, including design and creation of interventions on different natural habitats as public art projects. Our research efforts focus on the observation and recording of celestial events as they relate to a designed landscape: the creation of a place becomes defined by the integration of local and remote space.
Sky Spirals was founded by architect and artist Daniela Bertol and gathers the work of architects, art critics, artists, scientists and writers, collaborating in the vision of a unified approach to knowledge.
The first site of Sky Spirals is Sun Farm, an experiential garden and naked-eye observatory in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Sun Farm serves as a laboratory of ideas and observations, “art in nature” project and educational center. The educational programs include site tours, publications, symposia and internships.
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