2008 INTERNSHIP program:  
Sun Farm started as an architect/artist project. Its nature of work in progress ---where a process is completely integrated with final production--- transforms Sun Farm in an educational program.
Many of the theories and artworks extend from the perception of art to a learning context, becoming possible prototypes for other sites and practices of place-making. Sun Farm serves as experiential garden, a place where the connection between earth and sky is filtered by a “designed” human perception. The relationship between humankind and nature in place-making becomes as a laboratory: observational astronomy and ecology are integrated with architectural fabrication and ephemeral landscape alterations.
The internship program revolves around the construction of a land art | art in nature project as in the Sun Farm master-plan.
Besides the in-situ work the documentation of the process is shown through photography, video sequences and audio recording.
Inspired by historical precedents ---from the Renaissance “bottega” to the Bauhaus--- the Sun Farm internships include reading and research assignments as well as hands-on construction.
Astronomical naked-eye observations are a major definer for the built fabrications and recording process.
Movement practices inspired by hatha yoga are also included in the effort of developing the best interaction between our body, mind and environment. Acknowledging the widespread presence of ICT in our contemporary life and the value of “virtual places and communities”, the curriculum integrates Sun Farm in situ physical fabrications with its presence as a virtual place. The documentation produced during the internships will be part of an exhibit and/or publication, Google Earth™ place and web site.

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