The self and the universe are not separate entities but part of a cosmological system expressed as "being in the world".
The traditional anthropocentric perspective, which regards humans as the central fact of the universe, coupled with the attainment of knowledge in unconnected fields of specialization, has led to a detachment from nature - with disastrous environmental consequences. Only a paradigm shift in the way we pursue knowledge and view ourselves as part of the universe can bring ecological solutions. Sky Spirals is a trans-disciplinary project, envisioned as taking shape at multiple sites and on varying scales, thus creating different approaches to "being in the world": the theory and practice of architecture is engaged in place-making consciously making a place where one may dwell in harmony with nature on Earth, and with the universe.
We refer to cosmography and examples from archeoastronomy as cultural and historical precedents of disciplines and practices based on a "wholistic" approach.
Our work is developed through research, publications, educational and community outreach programs, aiming to: We refer to the Italian Renaissance as one of the most remarkable examples in human civilization where science, mathematics, art and architecture where integrated in the development of both theories and practices. The work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, D’Arcy Thompson and Rudolf Steiner provided further inspiration source; contemporary cultural models include the integral theory and several studies about convergence between contemporary astrophysics and Eastern philosophy.  
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