Sun Farm is an experiential place and series of events connecting art | architecture | landscape to establish awareness of our presence in space and time.
Space becomes an expression of time: our perceptions transform into a moving meditation in the ever changing light / shadows patterns, where sky back-grounds reveal the passage of time throughout the endless cycles of the day and the year.
The viewing of the main artwork --the intersecting spirals path-- develops at different layers of perception.
Art becomes a participatory event leading to a spiritual experience, where the observer is led by views of the sky in the Sun's daily path/cycle. Walking along the path will provide a different layer of interpretation, as a series of evolving meditations with a direct experience of the metaphors of spirals / time / sun path / life
Overnight accomodations are provided to facilitate this unprecedented immersive art experience.

FEES | 2008 Visiting Season

April-October:       $150 per person / double room
                             $75 per person / dormitory November-March: $120 per person / double room
                             $50 per person / dormitory