East Spiral is located at the entrance of Sunset Farm and marks the east limit of Sun Axis; it is located and aligned to the true east, where the Sun rises during the Equinoxes. Its form is determined by the intersection of the ideal geometric shape --a logarithmic spiral-with the natural topography of the site. A drainage layout follows the radial geometry of the spiral, making the earth / water work a storm water management system. Water defines the center of the spiral with an excavated pond approximately 120 feet by 90 feet. Each point of the spiral at its south facing end aligns with the apparent movement the Sun throughout the day. The center of the spiral pond is located in an east-west axis -defined by a gravel path starting from Sunrise Trellis. The geometric manmade interventions on nature are based on astronomical events and create links between the local space of landscape and the remote space of the sky. East Spiral is both a metaphor and literal representation of the day. The presence of water reinforces the notion of beginning of a cycle, since human life starts in water: the perception of art becomes a meditation on nature and brings awareness of our place in the universe.

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