Sun Axis is the spine of Sunset Farm, a path defined by photovoltaic canopies and linking several earthworks devoted to different Sun celebrations. It is aligned to the true East-West direction, 30 feet north of the North Monument. Its East and West limits are both marked by spirals. The Solstice Trails and Sun Vault intersects the path about 160 feet West of Sun Arch, completing the framing of the major Sun events.
Sun Axis is a continuous sign/vector in the land, constructed of traditional materials as well as energy carriers such as wires, cables, photovoltaic panels and lighting. Echoing the legibility of ancient aqueducts, where the function was visually expressed in a form highly visible and recognizable in the landscape, Sun Axis makes a statement about contemporary infrastructure to express what is usually hidden from sight. Perceived as a light sign and land art expression, Sun Axis will explore the relation between alternative energy sources and the landscape, making an aesthetic expression of functions and media usually hidden from sight.

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